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This week, Media, Performing Arts, Adult Nursing, and Uniformed Services students worked together to participate in a mock major incident scenario.

The students were tasked with reacting to a hypothetical major incident that took place in the College theatre. This event aimed to provide students with the experience of working in a multi-agency environment and collaborate with people they don’t usually work with.

20-25 Performing Arts students played the role of injured casualties, some of them seriously injured. To make it as realistic as possible, the students wore special effects make up to emulate various injuries, and they stayed in character throughout.

Uniformed Services students managed the incident, taking on a number of emergency services roles including Police Officers, Fire Fighters, and Paramedics.

T-level Health: Adult Nursing students played the part of the majority of the Paramedics and were responsible for moving the casualties from the scene to the College Hospital Ward. They managed a busy A & E department, and triaged and treated the patients accordingly.

Media students played the role of the press pack reporting on the incident making the best use of their newly arrived equipment.

Uniformed Services lecturer Red West-Boyle said “Our multiple team, multi-agency scenario proved to be a challenging experience for all involved. The Performing Arts students did a fantastic job of playing the roles of people caught in the aftermath of a major incident, and Uniformed Services and Health students were faced with a stressful situation which required them to keep their standard operating procedures and maintain objectivity. The Media students working as news cover further enhanced the realism of the situation. Overall, all the students taking part acted in a highly professional manner and gained some insight into how it feels to work under pressure.”

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