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Recently, staff from several departments at Cirencester College attended a ‘Find your Future’ event at the University of Gloucestershire.

The annual event, run by Grows, is aimed at pupils in years 9-11 and their families, and allows them to take part in hands-on activities to help inform their decisions on education and careers.

The Cirencester College stand had many exciting activities on offer to help young people learn about a range of A-levels, Vocational and T-level courses. These included: Classical Greek pot making; examining a skeleton in an archaeological post-mortem; looking at a selection of insects from the College Animal Centre; deciding on ethical dilemmas; spending $10 million on a simulated stocks and shares investment game; building Lego models with 10 bricks or less and using VR headsets to experience common fears such as spiders, snakes, and heights.

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